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Our offering to the industry

  • Products:

    - Barite
    - Bentonite
    - Graphite
    - Lime
    - Port Trol
    - Organo Lignite
    - Organo Clay
    - Calcium Chloride
    - Sulphonated Asphalt
    - Water Base Lubricants
    - Cake remover
    - ROP Enhancer
    - Clay Inhibitor
    - PAC L
    - Modified Starch
    - Defoarmers

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What We Do?

Quality Service

We design a series of services and tools that allow us to guarantee the highest quality of our product and that the quantity served is always what you request.

Exclusive Formula

Our products and fabrication have the most advanced technology, which offer your car maximum performance with minimum consumption and extend the life of your equipment.

Trust and Transparency

Our commitment is that you have an impeccable experience at our service stations and for this reason we have designed a series of services that allow us to guarantee the highest quality


Success Rate

Who we are

We Combine Technology with Business Ideas

Our objective is the development, manufacture and commercialization of chemical additives for oil and industry in general.

  • Work Process

    Managing our work is the use of workflows to develop and deliver our services as a team.

  • Service Support

    Our problem solving is to solve the cause and avoid the recurrence of incidents.

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Company Analysis

We Really Appreciate your Preference

Our Panda Energy staff has extensive experience in the international oil industry and guarantees the technical and operational capacity of CHEMCAR LTDA at a national level.

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We have a demanding quality control in our manufacturing process, furthermore we are capable to manufacturing the product according customer needs.

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  • Richard M. +1 310 383 8215